Covert Black


The Covert Dropper seat post set the standard for dropper posts… it’s now available in all black.

Designed around internal routing for clean installation,  with an updated shift style remote for effortless operation.

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The Thomson Covert Black Dropper includes a new shifter oriented remote lever for easy operation.  The cartridge-based system is designed to have the longest service life in the industry. If repair is needed it’s fast, affordable, and simple. Every part that makes up the Covert dropper is carefully chosen and of the highest grade quality available. Custom made Norglide bearing bushings, custom made Trelleborg O-Rings and seals, Thomson saddle clamps and fasteners, and Motul Oil. The Thomson Covert Black Dropper is hands down the industry standard.

  • The return speed is damped in the last 15mm of upward travel to be gentle on your seating area.
  • 60mm (27.2ø only), 100mm, 125mm, 150mm of infinite travel.
  • The Covert Black passes ISO 4210 fatigue and strength tests for seatposts.


Is your post infinitely adjustable?

Yes it is. You can ride with the saddle at any point in the 125mm travel range.

What tools will I need to install the post?

You need a 4mm Allen wrench to install the bar mounted remote lever. You need a 2mm Allen wrench to tighten the cable set screw, and you need a 4mm Allen wrench to install and tighten your saddle. You also need cable and housing cutters. If you have access to left handed tools, things will go more smoothly.

Can I cut the post to make it shorter?

No. The post is a piece of suspension. Cutting will cause the post to fail and may lead to injury.

What are the critical dimensions I should know?

You must be able to insert at least 100mm of post into your frame to have room to use this post. If you only insert 100mm in the frame, 300mm will be exposed. 212mm is the most you can insert. 185mm will be exposed at a minimum. (with 125mm travel posts)

Can you change the drop or rise speed?

No. Our drop and rise speed is fixed at .3 meters per second.

Can I mount my bike in a work stand by the my dropper?

No! It is not a good idea to use the seatpost to hang the bike in any way. In a work stand, it is possible to crush the outer tube when clamping pressure is applied. If you are supporting the bike by the gold stanchion, you can damage the internal components.

What type of cable do I use for replacement?

You can replace your dropper cable with 5mm brake housing, or shifter cable housing and 1.2mm cable available from your l.b.s. They will be happy to see you.


Covert Black Instructions