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How to prepare your bike for winter cycling

Nov 22, 2016
Winter is coming. Many cyclists will put their cycling on hold a... Read More

Did You Forget Your Bike’s 199th Birthday?

Oct 15, 2016
You can’t imagine a future without your bike—your most trust... Read More

Cycling Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Sep 15, 2016
Statistics show that 100 million people ride their bike every ye... Read More

Must-Have Bike Parts: Bike Thomson Bolt Kits

Aug 16, 2016
Buying quality bike parts is important to increase the longevity... Read More

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#FAQ: Why did you change steerer clamps on X4? Were there problems with the old clamp? We changed to save weight. There were no problems with the old clamp but it did add about 20 grams.

4 hours ago

Generation Dirt

Are you getting your kids into cycling? Here’s a great read about kids in Alabama who have gravitated towards cycling in the heart of football country:

2 days ago

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Always keep in mind the general rule of thumb for cycling components that receive consistent clamping force and fatigue: they should be replaced every 10,000 miles or every 3-5 years…

4 days ago

How to prepare your bike for winter cycling - Bike Thomson

Check out our latest blog for a few tips about preparing your bike for winter cycling:

1 week ago

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Like all of Thomson’s small parts for seatposts, stems, and collars, our Dropper Bar Mount Levers are backwards compatible. They’ll fit no matter when you purchased your product. Get..

1 week ago

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