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How to Use Mountain Biking to Lose Weight

Jan 17, 2017
With each new year comes an influx of people to gyms trying to l... Read More

Five Tips For Getting the Kids Cycling

Dec 16, 2016
It’s perfectly natural to want to instill interests of ours in... Read More

How to prepare your bike for winter cycling

Nov 22, 2016
Winter is coming. Many cyclists will put their cycling on hold a... Read More

Did You Forget Your Bike’s 199th Birthday?

Oct 15, 2016
You can’t imagine a future without your bike—your most trust... Read More

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We’ve got a clearance sale on our Elite 25.4mm stems! Now is your last chance! Buy them here:

8 hours ago

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#FAQ: May I cut down my Titanium bar? Yes. You will need a very high quality saw blade and a lot of patience. Titanium is a tough material. For best results, use a miter block to cut..

5 days ago

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When the ride gets difficult, just keep pedaling.

6 days ago

Warranty - Bike Thomson

If you’ve got a damaged part, be sure to go to our warranty page and fill out the return merchandise authorization so that we can help you out! You can find that form here:

1 week ago

Macon Bike Share | Tours in Macon GA

If you live in or near Macon, encourage your friends (especially the ones who don’t ride much) to give this great bike share program a try! Learn more:

1 week ago

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