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Did You Forget Your Bike’s 199th Birthday?

Oct 15, 2016
You can’t imagine a future without your bike—your most trust... Read More

Cycling Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Sep 15, 2016
Statistics show that 100 million people ride their bike every ye... Read More

Must-Have Bike Parts: Bike Thomson Bolt Kits

Aug 16, 2016
Buying quality bike parts is important to increase the longevity... Read More

Preparing For Your First Long Distance Cycling Trek

Jul 15, 2016
You may be contemplating a bike trek across America or a summer... Read More

We're just doing it for the cause...

Thomson Bike Products was thrilled to donate components for this bike: Affinity Cycles auctioned it off to raise money for the youth cycling program in New York..

1 day ago

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Titanium isn’t as light as carbon, but for a little weight you get an unparalleled ride. Strength and beauty count for something as well. This bar will look good and ride well on your..

3 days ago

Pump up the Positivity in Your Bike Racing

“So many people come to the line with so much self-doubt and nervousness wondering what will happen to them today.” We’re our own worst critics. Here are some tips for stopping those..

5 days ago

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FAQ: How do I know what size collar to buy? You can measure the outside diameter of the bicycle seat tube. You might also find the size marked on your existing collar. The seatpost..

6 days ago

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