L.H. Thomson Company was founded in 1981 by Loronzo H. “Ronnie” Thomson with the vision to manufacture the finest precision aerospace CNC machined parts, proudly made in Macon Georgia, USA.

In the mid 90’s, Ronnie lent his engineering expertise to a pet project and created a ground breaking one-piece bicycle seat post for his daughter, who at the time was a collegiate MTB racer. Thomson designed, patented, then set the standard by utilizing aerospace engineering to create the perfect bicycle component… the Thomson Elite seat post.

The Thomson Elite would become an inspiration for the future Masterpiece seat post, followed by a collection of precision stems and seat post collars co designed by the next generation Thomson, Ronnie’s son Brian.

Today Thomson produces an entire line up of precision CNC components, industry leading dropper posts, cutting edge carbon fiber bars, stems, titanium parts and bicycle frames.

LH Thomson remains a family run business, and leader in CNC precision aerospace parts… and we make pretty great bike parts too.

The (not so) secret to our success

In aerospace there’s zero room for error, to this point comes an extreme amount of safety protocols, material checks and written procedures… aka 9100 aerospace certification.

In bike geek terminology it means that each process along the way gets ridiculously inspected. From the raw material that comes from the back door, to the 1st lathe op, to final assembly, every step is tied to a very specific procedure. From a visual check, technological and written… we go the extra mile.