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Thomson handlebarThomson products are known for innovation and quality, so sometimes it can be hard to choose the right product for you. We carry four types of elegant and durable handlebars for multiple uses, and it’s important that you know which one you need.

MTB Carbon

Our carbon handlebars are available in two styles: Cross Country and Trail. They are perfect for mountain bikers and light enough for racing. They’re made with three different fiber types, as well as different tensile strengths and modulus, creating stiffness and flex where needed.

Carbon is not ideal for bikers who crash often. When carbon fiber is scratched or gouged, you should replace it. MTB Carbon handlebars are not designed for gravity-style riding, including downhill riding, trails, or dirt jumping.

MTB Titanium

We carry three titanium handlebars: Titanium 6°, Titanium 12°, and Titanium Riser. Titanium isn’t as light as carbon, but it creates an unparalleled ride. Our titanium handlebars are elegant and long-lasting, making a Thomson titanium bar your best option for a mountain bike.

Road and Cyclocross

Our Road and Cyclocross bars have carbon filler and are perfect for the modern biker. The wing on our road bar doesn’t restrict hand movement, and our cyclo-cross bar is durable enough to withstand the pressure of those chilly rides. In fact, our cyclo-cross bar is champion cyclist Katie Compton’s signature handlebar.

Remember, if you crash and your carbon handlebar is scratched or gouged, it should be replaced.

MTB Aluminum

We offer both Downhill and Trail aluminum handlebars.  Our downhill bar features a long, straight middle section that reduces stress concentrations. Both bars have advanced Hydraulic Press Forming, which minimizes the need for hand grinding. It keeps weight low and fatigue life high.

Aluminum is great for downhill racing, as a crash is less likely to harm the handlebar. However, bent aluminum bars should be replaced.