Titanium gives you a ride quality unavailable in other materials. Thomson manufacturing gives you light weight and no shims at the stem clamp. Two sweeps are available in the flat bar design and a riser bar is also available.

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Titanium is a wonderful material for a handlebar. It’s not as light as carbon, but for a little weight you get an unparalleled ride. Strength and beauty count for something as well. This bar will look good and ride well on your bike for years. Built for 31.8mm stems, no shims are used for clamping the Thomson Titanium bar. It’s the very best bar you can buy for a rigid MTB. Certified to EN, tested to DIN+.

Ti, Wide, and Handsome. Saddle up and ride.


What colors are available?

There are no color options. Our bar is finished with a Scotch-Brite™ brushed finish.

Can I paint my bar?

Yes you may. Do not powder coat or subject it to heat above 140 degrees.

The recommended torque is only 4 to 5 Nm. Is that enough?

Yes. Use a torque wrench: 5Nm for two bolt stems and 4Nm for 4 bolt stems is the maximum.

May I cut down my Titanium bar?

Yes. You will need a very high quality saw blade and a lot of patience. Titanium is a tough material. For best results, use a miter block to cut Titanium.

Should I use friction paste or anti-seize on my Titanium handlebar?

No. There should be nothing used on the clamp area of the bar or stem. The bar and the clamp need to both be clean and free of any grease, Ti prep, anti-seize, friction paste, etc. Nothing should be used on the clamp area of the bar or stem.

Where are the Ti bars made?

Our Ti bars are proprietary designs made for us in Taiwan.


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