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You have two MTB Bars to choose from: a classic flat center rise bar and a 15mm riser bar in carbon for strength and all day ride comfort. They’re the perfect bars for your X4 stem.

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We’ve created two carbon fiber bars for the Mountain Bike enthusiast: a flat bar with an off center clamp area allowing a flat riding position and reversible for a 5mm drop for 29 inch bikes. They also have 8° of backsweep for comfort and 730mm (29″) in width for plenty of leverage.

The second model is 750mm wide and offers 15mm of rise together with a 8° backsweep and 5° upsweep. It’s built for strength with enough flex built in for all day comfort. It’s strong enough for all mountain/trail riding and light enough for racing.

The bars are made with three different fiber types with different tensile strength and tensile modulus, including high strength carbon fibers. This helps to allocate stiffness and flex where needed.

The bars are molded with an EPS mandrel inside to avoid wrinkles inside the layup during molding. Most other bars are molded over inflated nylon bladders.

All carbon fiber material is produced by Toray and uses tailor made nano Epoxy Resin for very high impact resistance. Toray is the main supplier of carbon fiber to Boeing and Airbus.

1.5K woven impact ends help prevent damage to unidirectional fibers from shortening the bar or impact with the ground. With a light weight and precision tolerance clamp sections, it’s the best bar for your Thomson X4 stem. It’s also certified to EN, tested to DIN+.


Are you making your carbon MTB bars in Macon?

No. The new carbon road and MTB bars are designed by us and made in Taiwan?

What colors are available?

The bars are the natural black finish of carbon fiber with clear coat applied. All graphics are under the clear coat.

What happens if I crash?

If you crash and the carbon fiber gets scratched/gouged you should replace it. Carbon is not for people who crash a lot! Scratching the clear coat is not cause for alarm. Cover the scratch with clear fingernail polish.

Can I downhill, do trials, or dirt jumping on these bars?

No. These bars are not intended for gravity style riding.

May I cut my bars down?

Yes. Follow the directions: 32 tpi saw, tape over cut area, don’t breathe the dust created by cutting. Leave enough room to mount grips and controls. Bars will ride rough if cut narrower than 650mm.

Should I use friction paste?

For Thomson Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebars you may, if you wish, use carbon assembly paste. We include a small amount of assembly paste with our carbon fiber bars. When you run out you can buy more at your local bike shop.


MTB Bar Instructions
Carbon Riser Line Drawing
Carbon Center Rise