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thomson seatpostThomson is excited to offer its loyal customers a 25% discount on new stems and posts when you trade in a THOMSON (or ANY other brand name) stem or seatpost that is 10 years or older! We not only want you to be as safe as you can be while you’re riding, we also want to help you improve your ride at an awesome price. At Thomson, we love our customers, and we want to support you as much as you support us!

If you don’t feel confident about your 10 years or older components, drop us a line through our RMA page and we will let you know how to redeem your old stem or seatpost for a 25% discount.

Why Thomson is Doing the Decade Discount

When you ride, your bike and its components are under variable amounts of stress from weight, movement, and other external factors like temperature, humidity, and salt. Here at Thomson, we know a majority of our customers are “hard-core riders”. As such, we vigorously test our components far past industry standards in extreme conditions that could never occur in the real world. We do this because not everyone uses a torque wrench every time. Riders are known to sweat all over their parts and not clean them properly. Many riders have moved our posts between multiple bikes, in multiple positions, over many years. While we believe we have the best products on the market, and we warranty our static stems and posts for three years from purchase, we know that our components (and every brand of components) are not intended to be used forever and they are not indestructible.

THOMSON is dedicated to manufacturing the best components on the market and we are committed to educating our customers on safety / product lifespan.

Part lifespan is dependent on a few factors, including:

  • Frequency, and duration of use
  • Intensity, and type of ride
  • Size of the rider
  • Type of environment you ride in (i.e. If you ride near the coast, salt content can affect your bike parts)
  • Visit for further details

thomson stemBefore every ride, we recommend that you perform a quick inspection just to make sure corrosion and stress fractures aren’t present in the components. Likewise, you should perform a more thorough, detailed inspection semi-annually. For this more in-depth inspection, you should remove the post, and inspect it very closely. When you disassemble your bike to inspect it, be sure to use assembly lube for steel or aluminum frames, and friction paste for carbon frames in order to prevent the post from seizing in the seat tube.

Here at Thomson, we want our customers to understand that their safety is our number one concern. Thomson has complete confidence in the bike parts and products we sell, and we take great pride in providing our customers with such high-quality products. However, it’s also important to understand that no matter the quality or strength of a product, carbon fiber and aluminum components do have a lifespan.

Ride safe!