BMX Stems


Retail Price: 121.95


The Thomson BMX bike stem starts life as a one-piece 7000 series extruded billet precision solid block of aluminum.

This is our vision of the perfect BMX stem… it’s strong enough for freestyle and light enough to race. Six bolts up front hold your bars no matter what. This design is only for the 22.2mm BMX handlebar, 1 1/8th” steerer.


Machined in our manufacturing facility in Macon Georgia. The BMX stem is manufactured and tested to the same rigors as our aerospace parts, then ridden by the finest cyclists in the world, you!

The 50mm wide clamp length and patented undercut around the handlebar combine to grip the handlebar more securely. Thomson’s two clamps in one design provides a stiff ride with minimal flexing or squeaking. Built-in spacer on the stem body clears gyro and eliminates the need for a separate loose spacer.

Stem weight is 255 grams.