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This stem is strong enough for freestyle and light enough to race. Six bolts up front hold your bars no matter what. This design is only for the 22.2mm  BMX handlebar. 1 1/8th ” steerer

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The Thomson BMX stem is machined from 7000 series aluminum and is a one-piece design with no welds or joints.

The 50mm wide clamp length and patented undercut around the handlebar combine to grip the handlebar more securely. Thomson’s “two clamps in one” design provides a stiff ride with minimal flexing or squeaking.

Certified to: EN 14766 2006 MTB and DIN CERTCO: 2006 MTB

The Thomson stem has passed extensive life and ultimate strength tests. We have an on-going testing program to ensure that every production lot of our stems meets Thomson standards.

The stem is anodized to prevent corrosion and maintain a nice appearance. Thomson BMX stems are available with a black or silver anodize finish.

Six M6 bolts hold the handlebar firmly in place. The BMX Stem is lightweight, weighing 255 grams.

Built-in spacer on the stem body clears gyro and eliminates the need for a separate loose spacer.

Every component of the Thomson BMX stem, including the fasteners, is 100% American made.

The Thomson stem is designed to have the best combination of stiffness, strength, and durability.


Are you going to add other colors in the near future?

No, we are not planning to add new colors.

What is the height of the stem that goes over the steerer tube?

38 mm

What is the minimum insertion length (height) for the steerer tube into the stem?

35 mm – 1.380″ Note: The insertion length must be measured after any spacers are added below the bottom of the stem.

I lost my bolts, and I can’t find any at the hardware store. Are they special? Where can I get some?

Our bolts have been specially designed to work with the Thomson stem. Our bolts are made of a high strength steel alloy and go through an extra manufacturing process that increases their fatigue life. Also, Thomson stem bolts are plated to prevent rust and corrosion. Only use bolts that have been tested by Thomson. Contact your local bike shop for replacement bolts.

Can I use titanium bolts on the Thomson BMX stem?

No, do not use titanium bolts for BMX.

Will spacers work with the Thomson stem?

Spacers will work as long as your steerer tube is long enough. The steerer tube must be inserted at least 1.38 inches (35 mm) into the Thomson stem after the spacers are in place below the stem.

Do you have a Thomson headset cap?


In what colors are Thomson Elite stems available?

Black and silver


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