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Cycling GearIt’s important to stay cool while biking during these hot summer months. Drinking plenty of water is critical, but wearing the right gear will also keep you cool and protect you from harmful UV rays. Here are some suggestions about choosing the right gear to wear during summer bike rides.

Base Layer

Most people think layers are only useful in the winter, but the perfect summer base layer is lightweight, wicking away sweat and keeping you dry. Make sure your base layer is slim-fitting, and if you’re uncomfortable wearing a sleeved layer in the summer, go for a sleeveless one.

Cycling Jersey

Your summer cycling jerseys should be short sleeved or sleeveless and made with breathable material.

Cycling Shorts

Comfortable shorts are necessary during summer, and yours should fit very close to your skin but shouldn’t be so restricting that they hamper your movements. Look for padded shorts that reduce friction and wick moisture away from your skin.


Lightweight, cotton ankle socks keep your feet protected and dry during long summer rides. Keep in mind that the heel of your socks will rub against your shoes, so look for socks with reinforced heels or strong construction.


You still need to protect your hands from blisters and road rash (if you fall). Leather fingerless gloves will keep your hands cool while absorbing sweat that could make your hands slip on the handlebars.


Sunglasses are important year-round because they filter UVA and UVB rays, as well as protect your eyes from debris.


It is critical to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, no matter the season. Make sure you cover every exposed area of your skin with sunscreen that will last the duration of your ride. And always reapply if need be.

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