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Long Distance Cycling TrekYou may be contemplating a long distance cycling trek across America or a summer vacation with only your bike. If you enjoy a long bike ride, you’re in good company! This month, 198 cyclists from all over the world compete against each other for bragging rights and the yellow winner’s jersey. This 21-stage tour covers a distance of 2,186 miles of mostly French ground. This 22-day tour marks the 103rd Tour de France since 1903.

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5 Tips for Your Long Distance Cycling Trek

Whether you dream about competing in the Tour de France or wish to spend your summer days on a long-distance bike trek, keep these tricks and tips in mind to make your biking experience a great one!

Plan Your Adventure in Detail

Choosing what route to take is a huge, exhilarating decision. After that decision, break down your trek by planning your daily goals and needs. Certain daily decisions that can be planned in advance include meals, lodging, and travel distance. Knowing in advance what your day holds will help minimize wasted time and maximize opportunities.

Start Training Now

Every time you cycle, push yourself a little harder than the previous ride. Train during different parts of the day and on diverse landscapes. Make sure to record your time spent training, what type of ride you had, and how you felt afterwards. This will help you narrow down where your problem areas are and understand more fully what you excel in!

Find the Right Bike for Your Long Distance Cycling Trek

In order to have a successful and comfortable bike ride, the right bike is necessary. In order to find the perfect bike, exercise on different bikes to decide which one is the most comfortable. We recommend the Thomson Elite 275 Bike for your trail adventures.

Choose a Supported or Non-Supported Bike Trek

Many people choose a supported bike trek while cycling a long distance. A supported bike trek simply means that people will meet you at certain points along your ride to give you supplies, meals, or other necessities.

A non-supported bike trek means everything you need or want on your bike trek needs to be planned by you. Depending on which type of bike ride you choose will influence what you pack.

Create a Budget

You may need to set aside money for food or lodging for your long-distance bike ride. However, allow some of your budget to be for souvenirs or events.  The adventure is in the travel, not necessarily in the final destination.

Play hard, bike harder. Your adventure starts here!