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love cyclingHere at Thomson, we put everything we have into making the highest quality bike products on the market so that you can get maximum enjoyment out of this wonderful activity. Here’s a list of 10 reasons why we love cycling so much.

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It’s Great Exercise

Cycling is amazing for those looking for a form of cardio or aerobic exercise other than running. You will burn plenty of calories just riding a few miles to the supermarket. You’ll burn many more if you get out on some trails. It’s also much easier on your joints than running.

Adventure & Exploration

Perhaps our favorite thing about cycling is the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with it. Bikes give you access to trails and areas that cars can’t reach. If you love beautiful, breathtaking views, you’ll love cycling.


Simply put, pretty much anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a great athlete to get on a bike and start riding. You can take your time and do everything at your own pace.

love cyclingBe Part of a Community

Although your cycling sessions can be solitary if you want them to be, it is a great sport to do with others. Cyclists are generally a friendly group and it can be an excellent way to make friends and establish a network.

Set Goals & Accomplish Them

With mountain biking, there are numerous goals you can set for yourself. Faster times, more difficult trails, and better fitness are just a few examples. Working toward a goal and then accomplishing it is rewarding and fulfilling.

Charitable Opportunities

The cycling community brings with it numerous opportunities to do good for the world. There are plenty of cycling events and fundraisers you’ll have the opportunity to ride in that will benefit some great organizations and causes.

It’s Good for the Environment

Cycling is amazing not just for ourselves, but it benefits our environment as well. When you opt for your bike over your car, you are keeping harmful pollution and gas-related emissions out of the environment.

It’s Just Fun!

When you combine all of these great reasons we love cycling, it becomes apparent just how fun it is! You can have an adventure while getting in shape and doing good for others and the environment. Get on a bike and get out there!

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