Elite 35mm Aluminum Bar


You have 3 rise options to choose from: Center rise/8mm, 20mm, 35mm.

All of our Ø35mm bars are 800mm wide with 9° backsweep, and 5° upsweep.

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Our new Ø35mm x 800mm wide bar comes in 3 rise options: a center rise (8mm), 20mm rise, or 35mm rise option. All Ø35mm bars feature a 9° backsweep, and 5° upsweep. They’re built using 7050 Aluminum alloy for strength and longevity.

The Elite 35mm handle bars are butted and tapered in many steps for optimal fatigue life. Unlike most companies, we produced our bars by using advanced hydraulic press forming to ensure close tolerances, precise wall thicknesses and a smooth appearance in the bends and tapered sections.

Together with a 35mm Thomson X4 stem, it’s the best aluminum cockpit in the industry.


Why not a Carbon Fiber Downhill bar?

Downhill riding and racing involves the potential for fairly frequent, big crashes. Every time you crash on a carbon bar you may damage it, but you may not know. An aluminum bar will bend when it has been taken beyond safe limits. A bent bar should be retired.

What colors are available?

Downhill bars are available in black.

Can I use my aluminum bars on my dirt bike?

No. None of our bars are designed for use on anything with a motor.

Should I use friction paste on the stem and bar?

No. We have found that you should not use friction paste when both the stem and handlebar are aluminum.

Where are the aluminum bars made?

Our aluminum bars are proprietary designs made for us in Taiwan.


35mm center rise
35mm 20mm rise
35mm 35mm rise
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