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Winter is coming. Many cyclists will put their cycling on hold and hibernate for the winter (or whatever it is non-cyclists do). All jokes aside, winter cycling brings with it a new set of challenges and often requires a higher level of motivation and commitment. Along with the obvious changes in clothing and physical gear to protect your body, your bike will require some extra care and attention to both prepare it before your rides and maintain it after you’re done riding.

Consider these Bike Thomson tips to help you with your winter ride!


Proper Tires

Equipping your bike with proper tires is absolutely crucial to safe winter cycling. If you live in an area that gets hit by harder, snowier winters, then the widest tire that will fit your frame at lower pressures are your best option. Studded tires are ideal if you’re going to be almost exclusively riding through snow. If you live in an area that gets wet winters where freezing temperatures aren’t always reached, then narrow tires work better. In both cases, it’s a good idea to use tires with widely spaced knobs.

Winter Fenders

Another wise addition to your winter setup is a pair of fenders. Not only will they keep a lot of the debris, such as mud and snow, off of your bike, but they will also help keep you dry. If you decide to invest in some fenders for the winter, make sure the ones you buy are able to last the winter; freezing temperatures can be too much for plastic fenders to handle, as they’ll often end up cracking. Aluminum and steel are better options for those colder climates.

Clean your baby

Lastly, it’s important to keep your chain, brakes, and other related areas clean. You should clean them far more often than normal to keep all of the wet winter grit out. You should also grease the chain and cable guides with lube that is specifically made for wet conditions.

Follow these basic tips and you’ll be on your way to excellent winter cycling!


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