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thomson bike productsYou can’t imagine a future without your bike—your most trusted companion that never lets you down, right? Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t live 200 years ago, because then, bicycles were merely an idea. However, if you lived 199 years ago, you would’ve been in luck! Well, kind of.

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In 1817, the first bicycle (called the draisienne) was invented. It shouldn’t even be considered a bicycle since it only allowed you to walk faster. The draisienne consisted of handlebars, a seat, and two wheels. Pedals? Forget about those! Pedals weren’t invented until half a century later. With the draisienne, you glided to work. Thankfully, over the next two centuries, the bicycle evolved into what it is today:

  • 1880s: Hello, air-filled tires! Goodbye, rubber tires.
  • 1940s: Built-in kickstand? Yes, please.
  • 1980s: Mountain bike makeover? Thanks for spurring the remodel, extreme sports!
  • 2016: Your Thomson Elite 275 Bike is waiting for its first adventure. Buy today!

Thomson Bike Products For Your Bike’s 199th Birthday

Guys, this birthday is a big one. She’ll never tell you, but it’s true … she wants you to buy her a little something special for her birthday. Maybe something that compliments her inner beauty. (Are we still talking about your bike? Of course!) Thomson Bike Products has gifts for every occasion:

Drop Bars ($249.95): Sporting new handlebars is like getting a new haircut. Everyone will notice and your girl will feel like a million bucks.

Elite Seatpost ($99.95): Your trusted companion always supports you (literally). How about treating her to new legs… I mean, a new seatpost?

X4 Dress Up Kit ($39.95): Did someone say dress up? Thomson Bike Products’ Dress Up Kit adds the perfect blue, red, or gold touch to your baby’s already gorgeous appearance.

Stem Caps ($9.95): A useful gift to add bling to your baby. Make sure you complement this gift with another (or else she might give you a flat tire).

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