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bike ride planMiddle Georgia is no stranger to the sun’s heat. A summer day can easily heat up into the 90s making for a sizzling work-out. Don’t put away your bike just because the sun is out. Being informed, creating a summer bike ride plan, and taking necessary precautions are the first steps to an enjoyable summer bike ride.

Bike Ride Plan: Tips to Cycle by

Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to cool itself. The body cools itself by regulating its temperature with cooler air or by sweating. To avoid heat stress it is important to acclimate your body to the heat. If you’re not used to riding in humid 90 degree weather, start cycling in the cooler parts of the day such as dusk or dawn. Allow your body to get used to the heat in small increments before setting out for a longer, more intense bike ride.

Drinking water is vital to a good work-out. Over half of an adult body consists of water. No matter what you’re doing, water is leaving your body. To balance this out, keep your body continually hydrated to allow the body to function properly. Drinking water helps regulate your internal body temperature and protects against the heat.

Wearing the right summer cycling gear can add miles to your bike ride plan. From your socks to your sunglasses, be intentional about every piece of clothing you wear. For any skin that is exposed, lather up with sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Be Informed: Heat Reactions

It is crucial to be aware of the different ways your body is responding to the heat. Usually, your body will give physical signals that something internally is not functioning properly. Here are four reactions to be aware of concerning the heat:

  1. Heat rashes occur when wet clothing consistently rubs on your skin.
  2. Heat stroke occurs when the body fails to regulate temperature and the body’s internal temperature rises to dangerous levels. Medical attention is necessary.
  3. Heat exhaustion occurs when the body endures extreme heat and a lack of water.
  4. Heat cramps occur during or after hard physical labor in hot weather. To avoid cramps, stay hydrated with water and drinks with electrolytes such as Gatorade, Powerade, or Vitamin Water.

If you are in need of any bike parts to add the finishing touches to your bike, check out Bike Thomson. Stay safe and enjoy your summer bike ride!


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