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riding in rainRainy and wet conditions are interesting challenges for mountain bikers. Depending on where you live, rain can be so infrequent that skipping the days when it’s rainy won’t disrupt your riding schedule. However, for those who live in locations where rain is frequent, such as the Northeastern United States, skipping rainy days can significantly impact your riding schedule and consistency.

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Know How Much is Too Much

Obviously, there are times when it’s just raining too hard to be able to see or otherwise ride safely. Shortly after huge downpours can also be a bad time to ride when the trail is nothing more than soupy, gooey mess and riding would only serve to destroy the trail for others.

Lube, Lube, and More Lube

Begin by using a thick chain lubricant that is made for wet, nasty conditions. You don’t want there to be any chance for rust. It’s also a good idea to use a spray lubricant on the frame of the bike so that less mud and debris sticks to it, making it much easier to clean after your ride.

Slow Down

Similar to driving in rainy conditions, you should ride a little slower mountain biking in them as well. If you’re going to make a stop, begin stopping earlier than you normally would so you can ease into it. This is especially important if you’re not used to riding in rain.

Focus on Vision

Rain, mud, and fog can significantly impact your vision during your ride. Try fenders on both tires to keep mud from flying up in your face. A cap under your helmet can help shield you from some of the rain.


You should always try to clean your bike immediately after riding in rain to remove any mud or grit from the chain, frame, or tires. If you wait, it gives these things time to dry, making cleaning a much more difficult task.

There is no reason why rain or a little mud should keep you off the trails. Rainy days can still make for very fun and different rides. Follow these tips to make those days more fun and less of a hassle!

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