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We here at Thomson Bike Products, Inc. want to take a moment to commend Trek for their commitment to cycling safety by having such an extensive recall. In looking at various cycling message boards over the past two weeks, we’ve noticed that many cyclists have questions about the useful life of their bicycle components. While there are no definitive answers on exact replacement dates, unless damage is apparent, there are general standards to reasonably follow. The general rule of thumb for a cycling component that receives consistent clamping force and fatigue is no more than 10,000 miles. These components would include seat posts, seat post collars, stems, and handlebars. Here’s a basic chart to help calculate the maximum life expectancy of a component:

10,000 Miles of Lifespan
8 mph – Average Speed
1250 Hours of Riding Life
10 Hours / Wk
40 Weeks / Yr
400 Hours / Yr
3,200 Miles / Year
3.125 Years of Service

In general, most cycling components should be replaced every 3-5 years. PLEASE NOTE – If you ride harder, longer, faster, and in salty conditions, the useful life of your components could drastically decrease.

Thomson prides itself on manufacturing durable, high quality products. Because all parts absorb normal wear and tear, maintaining your riding equipment is paramount in meeting its life expectancy and using a calibrated torque wrench each and every time is a key factor in doing so. Over torqueing a component will dramatically decrease its useful life (as well as the mating component) and significantly increase the chance of component failure.

Rider safety and product dependability is why Thomson entered the cycling industry almost 20 years ago. In an effort to stand behind Trek and reduce component failure, Thomson will honor the $20 Trek issued discount voucher, given to every cyclist who participates in the Trek recall, for a online purchase of a Thomson seat post, stem, or handlebar.

In order to receive the $20 discount on a new Thomson component, we will require the old component (seat post, stem, or handlebar) you’re replacing (any brand) to be sent to us, with the $20 voucher, and remaining amount due. While sending in your old component may not be “normal”, Thomson wants to assure that old components (any brand) end up at an aluminum recycling facility instead of at an online auction house. Having a better and more reliable riding experience is the primary focus here at Thomson–stay safe.