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summer bike rideSummer is right around the corner and so is the heat. But, don’t let the weather be the deciding factor on your next summer bike ride! Be proactive and take preventative measures to be safe and healthy this summer.

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Cycling can be dangerous in extreme temperatures but not if you’re adequately prepared and take preventative measures. Consider these tips to ensure a safe ride:

Summer Bike Ride Tip 1: Acclimate Your Body to the Heat

Unless your body is already acclimated to summer heat, start riding in the morning or in the late evening. During this window of time, UV rays aren’t so harsh and aren’t beating down directly on you. Riding during these times will help prepare your body for hotter temperatures.

Summer Bike Ride Tip 2: Hydrate Before Your Ride

We don’t mean chug an eight ounce glass of water 30 minutes before your ride. We mean truly hydrate yourself at least one to two days before your ride. This will help ward off dehydration and provide a more enjoyable ride. If you ride every day, make sure to drink an adequate amount of water before and after each ride.

Summer Bike Ride Tip 3: Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend during the hot summer months. Severe sunburns can be extremely dangerous to your skin. Lather up with sunscreen at least 30 minutes before your ride. If you plan on riding more than a few hours, bring sunscreen with you and reapply generously. Sunburns are not only dangerous to your skin but can cause fatigue and heat exhaustion.

Summer Bike Ride Tip 4: Ride at Interval Speeds

The heat is a huge factor you should consider when deciding how hard you should ride. The temperature and humidity play huge roles for those who exercise outdoors. You may be able to ride hard and fast during the cooler months, but that’s because the weather is helping your body push itself harder more than you know! Allow yourself to ride at interval speeds to prevent exhaustion.

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