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spring allergiesMarch 20 is the official start of spring, which means allergies are at an all-time high. Cyclists who suffer with spring allergies may feel nervous riding while the pollen is intense. But, Mother Nature shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors in any season!

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Consider the following tips to continue riding during this challenging season:

Identify the Problem

While pollen is a huge culprit of spring allergies, it’s not the only one that affects millions of people worldwide. Other allergens that may affect you on your ride are different types of molds, weeds, grass, and trees. If your nose starts to run and your eyes begin to itch on a certain section of a trail, take a look around and identify what may be causing your allergies to flare.

Check the Weather

If pollen sends you into a sneezing fit, the best time to ride is when the pollen count is low and when there is no breeze. Check your weather app to see when the air is the least polluted – it will likely be in the very early morning or late evening. Another great time to ride your bike is after a spring shower since pollen gets washed away by the rain.

Seek Out Relief

Allergists are highly trained and have immense knowledge to accurately diagnose your allergies. It may be that you simply need seasonal medication to help your body fight your allergies. After seeking out relief from an allergist, you can also take additional measures such as wearing a mask and sunglasses, showering immediately after a ride, and laundering your clothes.

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