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masterpiece-setback-silver-1The Thomson Masterpiece steapost combines strength and durability while remaining lightweight. It’s our ultimate seatpost: 35 grams lighter than the Elite, with the attention to detail and quality that define Thomson products.

The Masterpiece is available in the following diameters:

  • 27.2mm
  • 30.9mm
  • 31.6mm

We offer both a straight and setback Masterpiece in 240mm and 330mm for the 27.2 diameter post, and 350mm long for the 30.9mm and 31.6mm posts. The Masterpiece is available in black and silver.

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About the Thomson Masterpiece

Compared to the strongest production seatposts on the market, the Masterpiece is 40% stronger. Beating the competition is one of our favorite past times.

The tube and head of the Masterpiece are integral-machined from one piece of high-strength 7000 series aluminum, and the head is not pressed or bonded, creating superior strength and minimal weight.

The Masterpiece’s long seat rail grip prevents the seat rail from bending on impact loads. Our bending fuse prevents catastrophic failure, which sets the Masterpiece apart from competitors. The clamp, head, and tube are strong enough to withstand 325 pounds of torque.

The majority of the Masterpiece’s component parts are American made, right here in historic Macon, Georgia. The seatpost can easily be attached to a seat without disassembly, so you don ‘t have to rely on your engineering skills or brute force.

The designs and materials have passed extensive life and ultimate strength tests, ensuring that every production lot meets Thomson standards. Learn more about the Masterpiece.

Masterpiece FAQs

Do you plan to make a 410mm-long Masterpiece?

No, because 410mm posts are already optimized for weight. The longer a post is, the stronger it must be to deal with the increased possible leverage. If we made 410mm posts lighter, they would not pass our rigorous strength tests.

What size saddle rails work with the Masterpiece?

Our standard clamps work well with 7x7mm rails. We have an accessory clamp kit for oversized rails up to 7x10mm.

Can I flip my set back post around to be a “set forward” post?

Yes. You may need to turn the top clamp to face the front of the bike for saddle adjustment.

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