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fat bikeIt’s winter, Thomsonites! And that means breaking out the fat bike for some snow biking. If, like us, you’re in a state that doesn’t receive much snow (or cold weather) during winter months, you’ll need to travel north for your fat bike adventure. We’ve compiled a list of awesome trails for you to check out and add to your bike-it list.

Marquette Snow Bike Route, Michigan

The Marquette Snow Bike Route, part of the Noquemanon Trail Network, has over 10 miles of track groomed for fat biking. Certain trails welcome snow bikers at all times, while others are open to snow bikers at specific times.

Additional fat biking trails in Michigan include:

Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota has several awesome fat biking trails. Beginners and advanced fat bikers alike will enjoy the trails at Lester Park, Mission Creek, Hartley Park, and Piedmont/Brewers Creek.

Minnesota has plenty more snow biking trails such as:

Kingdom Trails, Vermont

Kingdom Trails allows fat bikers on the East Side of Darling Hill, where the trail is groomed with snowshoes and snowmobiles. Popular summer trails like Pines, Ridge to Rim, and Riverwood are open for snow biking in the winter. In all, Kingdom Trails offers 20 miles of singletrack for fat bikers.

Be sure to check out these Vermont fat bike trails as well:

CAMBA Trail System & Levis Mound, Wisconsin

CAMBA’s singletracks are open to fat bikes. Some of the trails are machine groomed and others are packed by snowshoers. Levis Mound in Neillsville, Wisconsin features over 9 miles of singletrack open to fat biking. In addition, the Sweaty Yeti fat bike race is held at Levis Mound each year.

More fat biking opportunities in Wisconsin include:

Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming

Grand Targhee Resort, the first resort in the U.S. to offer fat biking, has over 9 miles of Nordic track and four miles of singletrack for fat bikers. Night riding around the bike-only singletrack offers exceptional views and Grand Targhee will host a night race this season. Be sure to follow them on social media for details! Close by, you can enjoy trails in the Teton Valley that offer snow biking.

Other places to fat bike in Wyoming include:

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