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Some of the most frustrating and difficult problems to deal with when it comes to bikes are slipping and seizing. The best way to handle the problems of slipping and seizing (and really any other issues that may arise with your bike) is to simply avoid them altogether. There are numerous preventative measures you can take. These include:

  • Checking your bike before and after each ride
  • Cleaning your bike regularly
  • Following manufacturing recommendations
  • Thoroughly inspecting your bike every 90 days or after a crash

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to perform regular maintenance on your bike. While it may be difficult to isolate and mitigate slipping and seizing, proper maintenance can get you pretty close.slipping and seizing

During your maintenance, one of the most important things you can do for the life of your frame is to make sure that your seatpost is not seized. Removing the post, cleaning it and the seattube, then applying a thin coat of grease or carbon paste will prevent seizing. Out of round posts are a primary cause of slipping issues, and they will only get worse over time if they are not found.

Overtightening a collar can make the post elliptical. In extreme cases, overtightening can crimp the post lending to failure. To determine if the post is out of round due to overtightening or harsh impact, measurements should be taken. Using a micrometer or a caliper, begin measuring the post at multiple points, specifically the locations of radial clamping. By doing this, you can determine the consistency (or inconsistency) of the post’s out around.

View the measuring procedure here.

Use the Right Compounds

One of the most important measures you can take when installing or cleaning your post is to use the correct compound. The goal in this situation is to avoid galvanic corrosion. For aluminum, steel, and titanium, grease works very well when applied to the inside of the seat tube. If you’re part is carbon, however, grease is not your friend.  Instead, there are gel compounds specifically made for carbon that increase friction.  Carbon paste allows a reduced torque value for securing components to composite.   This is advantageous to you and your parts as carbon hates compression.

When in Doubt, Take it to a Professional

Bikes and bike parts are not cheap and taking your bike in for service can seem, at first glance, like an added cost that you don’t want to deal with. However, when you’re dealing with slipping and seizing, or other similar problems, a wrong move during assembly or disassembly can end up being far costlier than a trip to the bike shop. If you’re ever unsure of something when it comes to fixing, removing, or adjusting something, it’s always safer to take it to an expert.

Always perform proper maintenance on your bike so that you have the best chance to avoid serious issues. Should something arise, make sure you use the proper compounds. If you’re ever unsure, just take the damaged parts to your local bike shop.

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