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city bike riderThe celebration of National Bike Month is well underway. And, Bike to Work Week is finally here! This celebration encourages more people to choose cycling instead of driving. It not only contributes to a healthier environment, but a healthier mind and body, as well! If you’re one of the thousands of city bike riders who are biking to work this week, consider the following tips when riding your bike in the city:

Ride With the Flow of Traffic

Did you know that riding against traffic is the leading cause of bike-related accidents in the city? As a city bike rider, you must ride with the flow of traffic. By doing this, you are giving the driver of the vehicle ample time to see you and slow down accordingly. If there is a bike lane, you’ll want to use that to ensure safety. If no bike lane exists, ride closer to the shoulder. This will give cars room to pass you safely, if needed.

Signal to Drivers Your Intention

Even though bikes do not have turn signals the way vehicles do, you can still signal to surrounding drivers your next move. The most common signals that are understood by most drivers are right turn, left turn, and braking. Extend your arm diagonally to the right to signal a right turn. Extend your arm diagonally to the left to signal a left turn. If you are braking, it’s important to signal to vehicles that are behind you so they can respond accordingly. Simply extend one arm sideways and bend your arm 90 degrees. Point your hand downward, fingers together, and palm facing backwards.

Dress Appropriately

In addition to protective gear such as a helmet and gloves, make sure you wear the appropriate clothing. If you’re riding at night, wear light-colored clothing to increase your visibility. Also, consider wearing layers of clothing so you can take off or add layers when needed.

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