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Your bike is your second love in life. Whatever your first love may be, we understand how much your bike means to you. You’ve been through a lot together. There’s been a ton of adventures, broken bones, belly laughs with good folks, and probably quite a few stories you don’t need to share. In order to keep your baby, I mean, your bike, operating at its highest capacity, you need to pay attention to the small bike parts it needs.

Bike Thomson uses high-quality, proprietary hardware not available at your local hardware store. Shop today for any bike part you may need!

Buying quality bike parts is important to increase the longevity of your bike. Make sure to install the part properly to ensure rider safety.

Bolt Kits & Torque Wrenchesbike parts

At Bike Thomson, we provide three different types of bolt kits: the seatpost bolt kit, dropper bolt kit, and collar bolt kit. These bolt kits are replacement parts if you lose bolts or ruin the bolts by over-tightening. Ha
ving high-quality bolts are vital to ensuring the body of your bike functions properly. If the bolts are low-quality, the body of your bike is not being held together very well, and we all know that can turn into serious scar stories.

After you buy our bolt kits, make sure you use a torque wrench to install your bolts. A torque tool is extremely accurate and more reliable than doing it by hand—even if you are the thumb war champion of Milwaukee. There is no guessing when using a torque wrench. This tool informs you when the bolt is tight enough, ensuring a properly assembled bike.

If you don’t use a torque wrench to install the bolts, you may over-tighten the bolt. If a bolt is too tight, the small part may break if it endures too much pressure. This small, broken bolt will leave you with a big problem. A problem will also occur if the bolt is not tight enough. When a bolt is loose, it can cause unwanted events such as:

  • Increasing amount of wear and tear to your pride and joy
  • Loss of control and possible crash
  • Clicking or creaking sound

Using a torque wrench for installation will maximize the life of the component and ensure rider safety.

Call us today at 478-788-5052 for any questions regarding bike parts.

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