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New Year's ResolutionsMillions of people every year make New Year’s resolutions that are forgotten by mid-February. But, if it’s a resolution that deals with an element of life that you love (such as bike riding), it’s more likely that you’ll achieve your resolution!

Four New Year’s resolutions that we suggest are trying new trails, buying new bike parts, entering a race, and teaching the next generation. Discover the details:

Try New Trails

Do you often ride the same trails over and over? This year, try new trails that test your bike riding skills! After several months, you will see a big difference from when you started. If you love to travel to different states to bike, check out this list of incredible bike trails to conquer.

Buy New Bike Parts

If you want the best experience your bike has to offer, make sure that your bike is properly dressed. We have parts for your bike that will make her run smooth such as drop bars, seatposts, stems, and direct mounts. Sometimes, your best ride yet is just one part replacement away.

Enter a Race

Have you always wanted to compete in a long race? Register for one in 2018! Until then, work on your endurance by gradually riding your bike longer and longer each day. Your endurance and durability will allow you to withstand the long haul of the race.

Teach the Next Generation

Did someone teach you everything you know about biking? Did a family member or friend show you the ropes? Pass on your love for biking by teaching the next generation about bikes! This could be a sibling, niece, nephew, or child. You will be contributing to their overall health and growth.

Choose one or multiple New Year’s resolutions to make this year the best one, yet. Then, connect with us on Facebook!

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