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Some would say that fall is the best season for exploring new trails, long bike rides on back roads, or competing in cycling races. You no longer have the summer’s heat on your back or spring’s pollen sending you into a sneezing fit. Since you will be using your bike much more in the next few months, it’s imperative to take extra care of it.

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Consider the following tips to keep your bike in top-notch shape:

long bike rideWash Your Bike

You spend countless hours on your bike. Your adventures may consist of riding through streams, trekking over rocky paths, or maneuvering through bike-friendly cities. Naturally, your bike will get dirty. To extend the longevity of your bike, you need to keep it clean. Wash it often with a hose and a bucket of soapy water. Do not use a pressure washer and be mindful of seals and bearings. Make sure to dry all of the parts so rust doesn’t form.

Lubricate Bike Parts

Adding bike lubricant to certain parts is important after a cleaning. This ensures that excessive wear and friction does not damage the parts over time. Consider lubricating the following parts: shifters, brake pivots, cables, derailleur, and chains. (Make sure to use bike-specific lubricant so you don’t damage the parts.)

Inspect Your Wheels

You want to make sure your wheels are “true” before going on a long bike ride. This can be done by simply turning your bike upside down and spinning the wheels. If they spin straight, they are “true.” If they wobble, they need an alignment. Additionally, keeping your tires inflated will help them last longer. Never ride on your bike if the tires have lost air. It’s dangerous for you and not good for your bike.

After you’ve cleaned your bike, go get it dirty again with a long bike ride!

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