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winter cyclingCold weather shouldn’t stop you from cycling as much as possible this winter. Too many riders put up their bikes during this cold season and wait for spring. The team at Bike Thomson wants to equip you with the right bike parts and winter cycling tips for you to keep riding your bike all year long!

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Consider the following tips to make sure your winter rides are great:

Layer Up Your Clothes

The weather is much cooler, so it’s important that your clothing choice reflects that. It sounds backwards, but you shouldn’t start your bike ride being toasty warm. You’ll quickly overheat. Start your bike ride feeling somewhat chilly. Your body will quickly produce enough body heat to keep you warm.

Pack Extra Gear & Food

Pack extra gear for yourself. We suggest an extra pair of wool socks and two pairs of gloves (lightweight and heavy-duty). Your head is an important part of your body to keep warm, as most of your body heat is lost from the top of your head. But, we also suggest bringing a scarf in case your jacket doesn’t cover your neck.

Even though you don’t feel dehydrated, your body is using fluids to enable your awesome bike ride. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your ride. Water is essential, but it doesn’t replace meals. Make sure to pack food to give you extra energy if you have a long ride.

Install a Bike Light

The sun sets much earlier in winter compared to the other seasons of the year. It feels like only a few minutes when you notice the sun setting to it being pitch black outside. Make sure you add a bike light to your ride so you can navigate paths safely and accurately. This will not only help you see the path but also allow other riders to see you. It will also allow you to enjoy some night rides.

Before heading out on your first winter cycling ride of the year, shop Bike Thomson parts today! If you have any questions, call us at 478-788-5052.